LED Lighting – Advantages and Products

LED lights are the key to efficient lighting. As light-emitting diodes (LED) offer advantages like low power consumption and an economic life-time, they are becoming more and more important on the lighting market. When it comes to interior design, they inspire with warm or even colorful light. For lighting manufacturers, the small size of LED lights is another advantage to fulfill their needs of contemporary and elegant design.

Whereas conventional bulbs rely on thermal radiation, light-emitting diodes proof their advantages by solely producing light through the movement of electrons. That is also the reason why they are smaller, more durable and energy-saving than any other incandescent light source.

From simple lights up to ceiling fixtures: LED has become one of the main illuminant worldwide. But it's not only the lighting industry that takes advantage from light-emitting diodes. Of course, decorating homes belongs to the fun part of LED lights in use, but they are also irreplaceable thinking of the automotive or aviation industry, where bright and reliable light sources are needed.

Every lighting store has products that are based on LED technology. Well-known lighting manufacturers especially concentrate on light-emitting diodes as they combine the above mentioned favorable characteristics, both in design and cost effectiveness. You might also find other interesting products on the internet which combine lighting and function. The attached photo of an Interactive LED Dining Table is just one example of the miscellaneous use of light-emitting diodes. Having a look at the market for design lighting, we can definitely recommend light designed by manufacturers such as Fabbian, Marset or Terzani.