Color your room

Interior design is also about colors. Dominated by bright, fresh and clear tones, color trends in 2011 include the combination of elegant and classic furniture with more colorful hangings, such as motif wallpapers or simple white hangings personally designed with geometric shapes in complementary colors.

Add more details to your living room by choosing elegant and eye-catching wallpapers and decorating accessories that will turn the room into a modern oasis of well-being. You might want to have a look at housing magazines that point out design patterns and ideas for decorating homes. Besides that, there is also a big amount of design studies examining trends of interior design.

Flexibility is one of the keys of room styling in 2011. The biggest advantage of choosing subtle and soft color tones, such as light green, blue or purple (pastels) or citrus yellow, is that you can easily change the atmosphere within the room by adding new design accessories or furniture in different colors and styles. Therefore, you might love to stick to a neutral gray or soft beige to color walls. Furthermore, painting keeps an inexpensive way to add some new style to your rooms. It is truly the most versatile element of room decor, being represented by an infinite array of colors.

Those who want to create a cozy atmosphere should not just choose from color tones that are 'trendy', but also reflect personal likes by favorite colors. Especially if it looks like a big challenge to make a final decision, always remember that you will have the chance to change colors again and again.