Home Decor & Design Trends 2011

Every home somehow reflects the personality if its owner which is easy by choosing favorite colors, lightings and furniture. Therefore, home decor can be described as following trends by taking personal likes and dislikes into account. The following design trends 2011 might show off some interesting aspects of designing rooms in a personal and stylish way.

Many people prefer spacious and cozy home decoration at the same time. Portraying that, most contemporary homes are decorated with furniture in classic shape combined with colorful wall panels and other adequate decoration items that bring some personal ambiance into the room. Creativity is one of the keys for decorating homes. Once you finish, you can easily start again by making little or even big changes. One might even change the ambiance by setting up different lighting spots.

Be minimalist with a maximum of outcome! That might be the right formula for following current interior design trends. This year's home design is known for bright, but assuasive colors such as pastel blue or green. Furthermore, you can't go wrong by selecting some classy white furniture for your living room. That offers you multiple choices of decorating your home by changing colors or by adding unique accessories.